Sharing Excellence


Welcome to the NZ-UK Link Foundation, where sharing excellence between our nations is our founding objective.

The Foundation’s purpose is to make an ongoing and substantial contribution to the intellectual, educational, vocational and academic underpinning of the bilateral NZ–UK relationship in a changing world

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Sir Edmund Hillary

Latest news

  • NZ-UK Link Foundation Visiting Professorship 2016

    The NZ-UK Link Foundation is pleased to announce that applications are now sought for the Visiting Professorship Programme 2016. The London-based educational charity is keen to promote cultural links between New Zealand and the UK with a series of talks (four lectures, one in London and three in other venues) and events through a secondment […]

  • Harriet Maltby: Here’s how New Zealand can help to save the NHS

    Harriet Maltby is a Government and Economics Researcher at the Legatum Institute and a former Senior Parliamentary Assistant.  This article appears courtesy of @HarrietMaltby and originally appeared  on Here. Were Britain to have a modern religion that could match the fervour of historic dedication to the Church, it would be our dogged belief in […]